About Rupa Bodhani founder of Rue Belle

I am Rupa, Founder of Rue Belle London. The concept behind my business is to help women and mothers uncover their full potential, creating more self love and self confidence. I believe all women have the power to become the happiest, healthiest and well dressed individuals they aspire to be. 

Rue Belle was born when I realised I needed a change in my life, I had hit rock bottom, battling anxiety and panic attacks. Embarking on my 30’s and all the social pressures that come with that age, I decided I needed to take back control of my life, so I took a leap of faith, packed up my life in London and went travelling for 6 months, to do the cliche, ‘find myself’. 

This might have been the best decision I have ever made, I spent that time soul searching, meditating and walking; very Elizabeth Gilbert! Once back with a fresher outlook on life I found coaching helped me overcome my own limiting beliefs and negative self talk, and to help me push forward in creating the life I really wanted. This is why I know it is possible for anyone to change their lives for the better.  

I came to the conclusion that I wanted to create a business that empowered women to feel and look better. I have focused on mothers because I feel they can be the most neglected. Also having many friends and family members who have got children I noticed they all had similar needs. From their view on themselves to the change in lifestyle and also the changes with their body and mindset after childbirth. Having always had strong maternal instincts and the need to help people, choosing to work with mothers seem to be a natural fit for me. 

Between 2010 to 2015 I worked in Buying for one of the world’s leading high street brands , which has given me the backbone of my fashion experience. From this I have developed a natural flair for what suits a person. However, adding in the coaching and reaching a little deeper beyond the surface helps a person to not only look great from the outside but also gives the push to make more valuable lasting change to their life.