FASHION: How To Look Good On The School Run

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE in the morning and mothers can be running around like headless chickens trying to get the family up and out, time spent getting ready is usually at a bare minimum.

While it’s tempting to put on the fail safe jeans, t-shirt, jumper and trainers. It can get repetitive and a bit boring which can end up making you feel a bit low in confidence over time. It doesn’t mean you have to look perfect everyday but it is possible to feel put together MOST days (at least on the outside), even when time is not on your side.

There are so many options out there so I want to give you some suggestions that are easy to wear, comfortable and make you feel ready and rearing to go.

  1. Invest in a Good Coat

Make your coat do the hard work on the days when you have nothing clean and just need to get out the house. Invest in beautiful fabrics and great cuts which will hide the multitude of sins underneath.

2. Wear Black

Wearing all black is the easiest and chicest way to get dressed, you can pretty much get away with not ironing anything as the creases are much less visible. Black never goes out of fashion and if you are having one of those ‘I feel fat’ days, then black is a great colour to hide behind as it instantly makes you feel slimmer. Play with the textures, like leather and velvet to add a little more interest to the outfit.

3. Dresses with Trainers

Thinking about one item outfits is a quick and easy way to get dressed in a rush. Throwing on a dress with some socks/tights and trainers is a great look, it makes you look styled with very little effort required and is super comfortable too. If you need to add extra layers, then throw on a polo neck top under the dress or a chunky knit over, which changes the look completely.

4. Have Perfect Basics

If you prefer heading out in more casual clothing then make sure your basics work for you and they are in perfect condition. You can look put together and effortlessly styled in good basics.

5. Use Accessorise

It’s amazing how adding one simple accessory can transform your outfit. Add earrings to almost any outfit and it looks more styled and finished. If you are in desperate need of a hair wash and there is no time, grab a coloured beanie, beret or alice band to hide behind. Accessories are often an after thought, but if you are wearing a very paired down outfit it really can transform your look if you add one or two accessories.

6. If All Else Fails…..

And you are having one of those mornings where nothing is going right, you just can’t get out the house and you feel “meh”. Then I suggest a STRONG coffee, a slick of RED LIPPY because who doesn’t feel better when they have red lipstick on and the biggest pair of sunglasses to hide behind. Or just stick on your gym kit and pretend you are off to a Yoga or HIIT class straight after, no-one will be the wiser :)

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Thanks for reading xx