Tailor Made Mums

Ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day, that you are always sleep deprived? You reach for the first thing to wear to do the school run and this usually involves leggings and a baggy top to conceal the post pregnancy tummy, that you still haven’t lost. 

Maybe you have anxiety, or simply just lost confidence in yourself, your abilities and what you look like since becoming a Mum. 

Becoming a mother is a life changing event one that involves adjustment in lifestyle, mind set, body and self image. Being a mother in the city comes up with its own extra demands, with the busy and hectic schedules, commuting and time limitations, means there is less time to focus on yourself. Wouldn’t you like to feel like you were always leaving the house well put together, ready for anything that may come your way?

Do you wish to be that confident women, that inspires not only your children but the people around you. 

All this is possible. 

You can make these changes, you can feel great EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You can love your body and what you put on it. 

And feel completely comfortable in your role as a strong role model and mother. 

How it works: 

Tailor made mums is a chance for you to pick and choose out of the wardrobe edit, personal shopping trip and coaching in which ever combinations, that are right for your current needs. 

Package prices start at £140, please request a free consultation through the Contact Page for more information